Delayed Action Bomb – Stormbringers [full album] 1995 – Death Metal band from France Formed in 1990 and after some demos recorded, Delayed Action Bomb released its first full lenght album “Stormgringers” on the Portuguese label Danger Records. It was a Death Metal band from Lannion (Brittany), France. Tracklist […]

Putrid Offal – Sicknesses Obsessions [Full album / Death Metal HQ] Country: France | Year: 2020 | Genre: Death Metal Order album Sicknesses Obsessions is released in 2020 by France death metal band Putrid Offal. In it since nearly three decades, PUTRID OFFAL has always been a one-of-a-kind band […]

Insidious Disease (Norway) – After Death (Full Album) Country: Norway / Genre: Death Metal / Year: 2020 / Label: Nuclear Blast Buy music here: (Vinyl) (CD) 1. Soul Excavation [00:00] 2. Betrayer [04:41] 3. Divine Fire [09:09] 4. Unguided Immortality [13:33] 5. Invisible War [17:16] 6. Born into […]

Stortregn – Emptiness Fills The Void [Full Album / Black/Death Metal HQ] Country: Switzerland | Year: 2018 | Genre: Black/Death Metal “Emptiness Fills The Void” was released in 2018 by Black/Death Metal band Stortregn. Order the album here: Stortregn is a Black/Death metal band formed in Switzerland in 2005. […]