Dad Band An extremely relatable short film. Directed by Ted Kamp Written by W. Earl Brown Featuring Eric Stromer, Jerry Cantrell, W. Earl Brown, Suzanne Friedline & Ted Kamp Published at Thu, 14 Jun 2018 18:46:11 GMT

EPIC ROCK | ”Dad Rock” by MOSAIC MOSAIC Band Name: Dad Rock Album: Single Mosaic’s single, “Dad Rock”, displays the band’s strong technical roots mixed with a powerhouse of vocal aggression layered over melodic anthems. From the dark side of their discography, “Dad Rock” fuses their modern metal sound with […]

Dad Rock Syndrome In this heartbreaking news story we’re meeting up with Robert, a man who was diagnosed with early onset Dad Rock Syndrome. Merch store: Music used Summit – by Jonny Easton Link: Check out his channel Link: Amazon affiliate links: 🎥EVERYTHING I USE FOR FILMING: […]