The Fartz Injustice LP A1 Rich White American A2 Don’t Want No Gun A3 Out Of Control Pt. 2 A4 Satan A5 Cracked A6 Out Of Control A7 Get Along A8 Apathy Is The Enemy B1 Get Off Your Asses B2 What Do You Stand For B3 Injustice B4 God […]

Seattle Today Episode 9 – Blaine Cook Seattle Today Episode 9 – Blaine Cook Donate to Seattle Theatre Group at On April 16th Regan Hagar and Stone Gossard, atop their newly rebooted Loosegroove records will offer, for your listening pleasure, the long lost recordings of The Living. A band […]

The Mentors (El Duce) on Springer FULL I noticed that this got taken down so I’m reuploading it to keep the data out there. I disabled comments cause I know exactly what’s going to get posted so it seems redundant to have my inbox filled with either “YAY! El Duce!” […]